Skydiving Excitement Over Chatham

The flight begins with a 15-minute sightseeing tour over Cape Cod. Then, at 10,000 feet, the passengers and two seasoned skydivers jump. After a 45 second freefall at 120 miles per hour, the parachutes open. For $244 you choose a “wild or mild ride.”

You must be 18 years old, weigh no more than 220 pounds (or there’s a $25 surcharge), take responsibility for your health, and be clean and sober before the jump. This is not a sport for the fainthearted: The website warns that “skydiving is a high risk activity. You may sustain serious injuries or even die.”

An 85-year-old holds the record for oldest skydiver at Skydive Chatham.

For more go to: chathamcapecodchronicle

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