Ridgevale Beach of Old

by Paula Songin
(Walpole, MA. USA)

When my daughter was a little girl, we would go to Ridgevale Beach for the day and it was always an adventure !! We would spend time catching any kind of sea creature we could find, and there were so many !!

We'd catch crabs, hermit crabs, fiddlers, snails, etc and we would put them in various large containers and create elaborate aquariums. All the other children would gather around full of questions and "oooh's and aaah's".

All the while we would pay close attention to the tides. Why? Well, when the tide would go out, we would all jump into various floating devices such as tubes, rafts, etc... and we would "ride the tidal river current out into the open sea !!

If the tide were reversed, we would begin on the ocean side and ride it into the "inlet side". Along the way we would stop at different tidal pools, climb sand mounds, and jump into the deep cool water. Those are some of my family's best memories although there are many many more..."The Cape" is in my heart forever after years of vacations there.

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