Pedicab Service May Be Coming To Chatham

"A college student's, Tanner Pendleton's bid to operate a pedicab in downtown Chatham this summer appears ready to coast through the permitting process. Selectmen stopped short of issuing conditional approval for 21-year-old Pendleton's business venture, asking him to meet with the police chief in the days ahead to work out the permitting requirements. If all goes well, selectmen could act on the request during their meeting on June 22.

Pendleton, who summers in a house on Water Street, hopes to buy the two-seat bicycle taxi, providing pick up and drop off service along Main Street between the rotary and the lighthouse. The pedal-powered taxi would be equipped with brake lights, turn signals and headlight, along with hydraulic brakes.

The passenger area sits atop a steel alloy frame and has seat belts. The vehicle will travel between 10 and 15 mph, keeping up with the flow of summertime downtown traffic, Pendleton said. Rides will be given for free, though passengers will be encouraged to leave a tip; the pedicab will also have advertisements on it."

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