What is This?

This site is both one of my passions and also a labor of love. However, as a working single mother of two, I also have to find ways to make money so that I can continue doing this and making the contribution I want to make. So the answer seems to be a, hopefully, tasteful combination of ads from Google and, eventually, advertisers and products.

The ads from Google like this one are placed on the site with my permission by Google. The ads relate to the content on the page on which they are placed. Those who find something they want to know more about can click on them. Advertisers with Google buy specific keywords like "conflict resolution." Whenever a visitor clicks on one of the ads that advertiser pays Google an agreed amount and Google gives me a small percentage. You have the choice of clicking or not. Either is okay.

The other way I hope to make money is by offering products that relate to the content of this site, are interesting or unusual or fun. Again you have the choice to just enjoy the site or view and/or buy products. My first efforts are the Chatham Gallery and Sea Creatures Gallery and Design.

Hope this helps.