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All three credit reporting sites Experian, Equifax and TransUnion offer credit monitoring services. But for several reason, including ease of use, cost and services offered, we found TransUnion's TransUnion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring site ot be the best. Among them:

  • The Manage your Credit. Manage your Life. Site Presents Easy-to-Read Bulleted Lists of Benefits And Features

  • Competitive Cost: The Service Offers A Free 30-Day Trial, And Costs $14.95 Per Month Thereafter.

  • Credit Report Formats and Scores From All 3 National Credit Bureaus

  • Credit Reports Are Detailed, Colorful, and Very Well Organized

  • Updates to Reports and Scores from TransUnion Every Day and for Equifax and Experian Every 30 Days

  • Alerts and Notifications about Changes To Your Credit Reports within 24 Hours. Also Every time you log into your TrueCredit Account You Will See a "Change Checker" Window That Provides a Quick Snap-Shot Of Recent Activity on Your Credit Report.

  • Credit Management Tools And Advice Including Easy-To-Understand Graphics Which Show You How Your Score Compares To Others, and How You'll Rank with Lenders.

  • The Site Delivers Information Easily And Quickly, Without Confusing Claims About Free Credit Reports.

  • TransUnion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring Has a "Trends" Section Which Shows You Trends Over Time In Seven Various Aspects Of Your Credit Life, From "Available Credit" To "Total Debt."

  • Lots of Good Educational Articles And Worksheets On Topics Like Credit Resolution, Financial Services, and Identity Theft

  • When You Check Your Credit Report with Truecredit.Com, the Inquiry That is Recorded Will Not Adversely Affect Your Credit Standing

  • TransUnion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring comes with $25k of "Identity Theft Insurance" With Details in Easy-To-Read Language

  • Security Freeze Tool (E.G., Lock and Unlock Transunion Credit Report)

  • You Can Cancel the Service Whenever You Want.

The Only Downside is that you will receive lots of "unique affiliate offers" and emails once you're logged into your account. However, this is true of pretty much all of these kinds of sites and you can always opt out of emails and offers you don't want to receive.

What is true is that credit reports and scores are a big deal. A really big deal! If there are any errors in your reports or if you have "undesirable" credit habits, it could seriously affect your chances of finding a good rate.

It can also affect your insurance rates. A recent study found that 25 percent of credit reports provided by Equifax had errors serious enough to cause people to be denied credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages, car loans, rentals apartments and even jobs.

TransUnion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring is constantly looking for new features to help consumers monitor their credit report. Recent new features include instant message updates, insurance scores, and a mortgage simulator. "Insurance Scores" is especially interesting in that it allows you to see data used by insurance companies to determine what rate you pay.

One psychological effect that many have told me about is that once you start checking your scores and reports regularly, you start to take them more seriously. So, if you are ready to take the plunge, What's your credit score?is the best choice out there.

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