"Negotiations skills workshop training by Ostrer and Associates, highly effective in teaching directly applicable negotiating skills that resulted in faster negotiations with clearer objectives. . . Training and skills development in negotiations have improved the quality of negotiations and as a result, negotiation time is dropping (from 2 years to 2 months to as little as 1 day);

The course was given almost universal superlatives by participants in terms of its effectiveness in teaching negotiating skills directly relevant to the Zambian privatization deals."

ZAMBIA PRIVATIZATION PROJECT, prepared by SRI, International, Inc.

To view an excerpted version of the report, click here.
Zambia Evaluation

"Marsha is able to translate negotiation skills into language and practical exercises for virtually any audience. Program participants lauded her design and teaching skills, and her ability to give pertinent, actionable feedback that enabled them to become more confident, proficient and successful in day-to-day negotiations. As one person wrote, "Thanks to Marsha, my batting average in getting what I need has risen 100%".

Carol Willett, Director of Training, Government Accounting Office

"I found your ability to present material, process, exercises, and facilitating discussions to be superior and just what we needed to make the training experiences meaningful . . Your training skills were aptly demonstrated in those experiences, as was your keen sense of professionalism, positive approach and high energy."

Chris N. Sonnesyn, IMR Systems

"You were thoroughly prepared and extremely well organized in your presentation. . . The enthusiastic response was reflected in the course evaluations. 95% rated the overall programs good to excellent."

Ernestine Smith, Public Health Service

Your technical knowledge and skill are outstanding. I thought your handling of some delicate and difficult issues was accomplished very tactfully."

Stephen D. Morton, Bendix Field Engineering Corp.

"Your presentation was excellent in every respect. The effects of the seminar were apparent in comments as well as requests for additional information. Some evaluation comments include: time well spent for immediate improvement, accentuates positive strengths and reinforces individual confidence and self worth, will help personally as well as on the job."

Althia Barnes, National Institute of Mental Health

"Marsha (Ostrer) is one of the most innovative and effective speakers in our Success Series. As a successful entrepreneur she serves as a role model and inspiration to those who attend. Her invaluable presentations show thorough preparation and organization -- 95 percent of our participants rate the program very good or excellent."

Bettianne Welch, Manager Bell Atlantic

"Your technical knowledge and skills are outstanding, and you handled some difficult issues very tactfully."

Quicalee Brown, Executive Director, Water Pollution Control Federation

"Marsha (Ostrer) has that rare quality of presenting both logic and dynamism in her training presentations. As a trainer, I respect her skills highly."

Reginald Williams, Human Resources Management Corp.

"As usual your presentation was beautifully prepared, clearly presented and motivating. After the workshop, participants agreed that their work was more innovative and creative than before."

Irma Brosseau, National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs

"I've taken a number of workshops and sales trainings, and your program is definitely one of the best. After the course, my sales force's motivation and productivity increased dramatically and sales rose. Now I understand why your seminars have such a high success rate."

Jeffrey Miller, Sales Manager, Telcoa

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