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We are currently accepting short sale cases on a contingency basis which means that there is no cost to you for a successful sale.

The Most Important Thing Is To
Realize That You Have Options
And Not Give Up Hope!

Issues We Consider On Your Behalf Upon Accepting You As A Client:

  • What is the Value Of The Property In Relation To The Loan(s)?

  • Does It Makes Financial Sense To Keep the Property?

  • Is Loan Modification Feasible?

  • Is Principal Reduction a Possibility?

  • Should You Short Sell, Deed In Lieu Or Allow The Lender To Foreclose?

  • Should You Lease Out Your House?

  • Are You Eligible For Short Sale Under Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA)?

  • Are You Eligible For Unemployment Relief Under Making Home Affordable?

  • Will Your Financial Status Cause The Lender To Require You To Make a Financial Contribution At Short Sale?

  • If You Let Go Of The Property, Can Your Lender Obtain A Deficiency Judgment Against You?

We request the amount of your outstanding loan balance from your lender. The lender has a legal obligation to provide this to you on request, and the burden is on the lender to provide an accurate accounting. We review this carefully to make sure that there are no charges which have been erroneously added. If you have missed some payments, you will be assessed late fees. When we present your proposal to your lender, we will try to get these charges deleted from the amount of the outstanding mortgage balance.

We assist you in putting together a convincing proposal package to your lender making a strong case for you. Not all short sales or other pre-foreclosure or foreclosure options are structured alike. It is important that the package you put together for your lender addresses the lender's concerns and puts forward a persuasive case. For example, your proposal will need to include a detailed description of the price you are asking the lender to accept and that costs you are asking the lender to assume.

We negotiate every item looking for the best possible outcome for you. We will negotiate with the bank on your behalf and do all we can to get them to forgive the difference between what you owe and what the home is worth.

We always make sure you go into the settlement knowing all of the terms and conditions on which your lender will accept the short sale, including whether or not you will have to come up with money at the settlement table.

To Find Out More or Get Help You Can:

  1. Fill out our Avoid Foreclosure Help Inquiry Form
  2. Call us at 508-348-1435 for a free 1/2 consultation.
  3. Download our Respresentation Agreement, sign and return to us.

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