specializes in selling things that some may be embarrassed to buy at a store or even a conventional website. They offer over 1,500 items people consider embarrassing to buy offline.

The site sells many different items from the benign (tongue scrapers, pregnancy tests, wart treatments) to the embarrassing (small condoms, pills that stop gas emissions from smelling bad, disposable panties) to the way out there (anal bleach cream, fart filters for your underwear, ManDelay for premature ejaculation - and many other items.) carries some really interesting and useful items that people can't resist.'s site is broken up into categories and is easy to navigate. They also have a selection of hard to find items like old school Zip Wax block hair remover. Add items to your cart and checkout easily. They accept major credit cards and shipping is free for orders over $75.00. For those under that amount, it is calculated by area and order total but it is reasonable.

Tax is only charged in Michigan. They have a great returns policy and will work with you to refund your money if you are not satisfied in a product. They even accept opened and used products for refunds. Often, they don't want the stuff back. They will issue you a refund based on your word.

This site promises complete privacy. They will not share your email address and they will not send you emails. They also will not tag your orders with their website name. Orders arrive packed discreetly from "PriveCo" with no indication as to what the contents are. I never got an advertising email or spam from other sites. You can, indeed, shop in private on this site,