Our Conflict Resolution Specialty Is Successfully Entering And Defusing Highly Charged Conflicts Using A Targeted Mix Of Training And Consulting.

Mutually satisfying and durable agreements

Successful Negotiation
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Information + Skills + Preparation = Satisfying and Durable Agreements

Everyone talks about win/win outcomes without really defining what they are. The dispute resolution theory behind win/win is called "mutual gains" negotiation. A process used to create joint gains by valuing differences. Our courses combine the theory of effective dispute resolution with successful strategies employed by experienced negotiators and mediators. This approach has been used to resolve business disputes, negotiate contracts, mediate broken agreements, defuse personnel crises and head off litigation.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we go beyond teaching you this approach through "off the shelf" case studies and exercises. We take it that next crucial step which is to put it in the context of the dispute in which you are currently engaged so that you can experience playing it out in the classroom and succeeding. This empowers you to take what you've learned in the classroom out into the real world.

Unlike some techniques that promise to show you "how to get all of yours and most of theirs, too," "mutual gains" is a more useful process that allows for flexibility and sensitivity in conducting both external and internal negotiations that are a key part of all employees' responsibilities.

Negotiating durable agreements that meet everyone's concerns is crucial. Because we're highly experienced in negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution training for businesses, organizations, and individuals both nationally and internationally, OAI puts in your hands the cutting edge techniques, knowledge, skills, and practical experience you need to prepare for, conduct, and implement successful negotiations that produce durable agreements.

We teach you how to identify obstacles to negotiation, strategize, and develop creative options Using short lectures, group discussions, case studies, role playing, self assessment instruments, and videotape, we provide individualized feedback and skill building to expand personal competence significantly and build confidence in any negotiating situation.

We provide "off the shelf" programs, or work with you to provide customized programs, that address your needs and teach you to apply newly learned skills. You'll learn how to establish trust, choose the right strategy, understand the cultural context, probe effectively to gather information, leverage bargaining stance, handle power plays, make the most of your preparation time, and much more.

In short, our offerings present proven techniques and build successful skills that get the results you want and expect.


  • Becoming more skillful and confident at face-to-face negotiations.

  • Breaking through impasses, draws and stalemates

  • Building effective coalitions.

  • Controlling the escalation of interpersonal conflict.

  • Improved working relationships

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Learning how to organize a work environment that can better cope with conflict.

  • Making better deals.

  • Saving money by avoiding needless litigation

  • Selecting tactics for dealing with the fundamental tensions of any negotiations.

  • Structuring the bargaining situation for maximum return.

  • Understanding your negotiation situation, analyzing available options, and selecting from an array of moves which can change the situation to your advantage

  • Using mediation and other alternatives to litigation to resolve disputes.

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