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Mediation is a voluntary method of dispute resolution which has proven extremely successful in resolving a wide variety of disputes. It is confidential and quick, and can be implemented at lower cost than any other formal dispute resolution method. A high percentage of disputes can be resolved through mediation, and agreements.

Typically the Mediation process includes:

  • Free initial 45 minute consultation, usually by phone, sometimes in person to answer questions about mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

  • Initial calls or meetings to provide and explain forms and information necessary for the Parties to submit prior to the joint sessions. These both help the Parties to think through their dispute in concrete terms and to educate the Mediator.

  • Initial conference calls - usually joint, sometimes separate -- with the Parties or their representatives that allows the Mediator to develop a consensus approach to the overall mediation, with an emphasis on pre-session preparation.

  • Developing and implementing an agenda including:

  • Submission of pre-existing materials to allow the Mediator to understand the issues involved in the dispute.

  • Exchange of additional documents and written information by the parties in advance of the Mediation.

  • Where necessary scheduling and holding confidential telephone conferences with each party to:

  • Discuss substantive issues.

  • Focus on each party's objectives.

  • Discuss barriers to settlement.

  • Agree on an agenda for the actual Mediation.

  • In some cases, convening joint or ex parte information development and exchange meetings.

  • Identification of and agreement that critical decision-makers will attend the mediation.

  • Conducting mediation sessions according to an agreed agenda.

  • Most, but not all, sessions begin with a joint meeting in which "jugular" issues are discussed - those critical, for example, to a determination of what is likely to happen if the parties don't settle.

  • All sessions continue with Mediator-managed, sometimes separate and, sometimes joint meetings, usually including a carefully-structured offer and counter-offer process.

  • Preparing draft and final Agreements memorializing the terms agreed to by the Parties which, when necessary, can be submitted to a court of law for final approval.

Many disputes settle during the initially scheduled sessions. For those that do not, we work relentlessly to help the parties achieve settlement during the sessions or afterward if necessary.

Pleasant Bay, Chatham, Massachusetts

Why Should You Consider Mediation?
  • Agreements that last.

  • Closure - makes the termination of a relationship more amicable and allows people to get on with their lives. -

  • Control of Decision-Making - parties decide the terms of any agreement. The mediator does not have decision-making authority and will never attempt to impose a solution, creating a sense of being in charge rather than unempowered.

  • Convenience -sessions are scheduled at the parties' convenience.

  • Creative, Comprehensive, and Workable Solutions - crafted to Parties' unique needs

  • Cost Efficient - expense is a fraction of what it costs to litigate or the costs of delaying resolution of the problem.
  • High Compliance Rates - real world experience demonstrates that Parties comply more readily than if terms imposed by outside decision maker -

  • Mutually Acceptable Results - improves communication and understanding between parties while strengthening personal and business relationships. -

  • Privacy while Resolving Dispute - everything related to the mediation is confidential and cannot be made public in any forum

  • Sustain an Ongoing Relationship or Achieve Closure in a Positive Way - collaborative nature addresses the interests of all parties and helps to sustain relationships in

  • Timely Settlements - a mediation session(s) can be scheduled quickly (depending on the parties' and mediator's schedule). Length of a session can take as little or as much time as the parties need. Compared to time spent getting a court date, litigating issues, obtaining a verdict and appeals.

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We serve Greater Cape Cod and We Make House Calls for our elder mediation clients.

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