Negotiating a Salary Raise
Tips, Part II

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Negotiating salary is, for most people, the hardest part of the job process and the cause of considerable anxiety. Follow these tips to manage the process successfully and with minimum stress.

Don't Monopolize the Conversation. Know when to listen. Yes, you've arranged this meeting and you're there to tell your side, but don't dominate the discussion. Say what has to be said and then listen. Listen closely and give your employer plenty of room to talk. Often the more time people are given to talk, the more they will say - even just to fill that silence.

In addition, it is important that you listen to all your boss has to say. You want to be cooperative, not demanding and combative. You will likely gain and understanding of how things work within the company and what the company is both willing and able to do in your favor.

Be Flexible And Open To Other Options. Consider negotiating for perks. Maybe a pay raise won't fly at the moment - in part because it would involve extra taxes and workers' compensation for your employer. But you can ask for other things, including an extra week of vacation, extra personal days, education benefits or. So include and discuss other types of compensation that would be valuable to you.

Have an Exit Strategy. Express your understanding of the boss' position. If your request for a raise is denied, try to find out where you can improve, so that next time you ask, your boss will have no choice but to reward your efforts.

Give Your Manager Time To Think About Your Request. There is no point of pushing him to raise your income right after your meeting. He will have time to build is case and get the proper authorization. Let him do his job.

Confirm the Details in Writing. Write a follow-up memo after the meeting. summarizing the meeting, demonstrating your value, and highlighting your accomplishments -- and send the memo to your boss as documentation. Document any salary promises. If you were not able to obtain an increase in salary, find out when you will be able to revisit the issue. Be prepared to offer suggestions of what the next steps should be.

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