Chatham Souvenir Keychain

Keychain Design by Jeff Mitchell
Solid Pewter Molding
Actual Size:

Even if you don't live here, you can still share a piece of Chatham magic. This keychain is hand crafted by my friend, Jeff Mitchell of Drummer Cove Sea Creature Designs in Wellfleet. It's part of his Cape Cod Lighthouses series which includes castings for all of the outer Cape Lighthouses. This was one of his first, original creations.

The Chatham keychain has proven to be an enduring favorite. It is cast in pewter, Jeff's favorite medium, because of its low melt point which allows Jeff to capture his subjects in beautiful detail. He chose key chains for one of his early efforts because they feel good to hold and they often hold a symbol of what's important to you.

Every year at the end of the summer, when the kids and I had to leave Chatham to go back to D.C., I would always take a new keepsake back to Maryland that would remind me of the calm and tranquility I have always felt here. Holding my keychain, or gazing at a picture of Pleasant Bay or the Fish Pier, would always bring me back and give me a little lift of Chatham magic!

What you see here is a detailed front and back view.

I particularly love this key chain because it captures Chatham Light in exquisite detail. Chatham Light stands above Lighthouse Beach and looks out over one of my most favorite Chatham views.

Until now you had to actually visit Chatham to buy one of these key chains. But now thanks to the web you can share the magic! I really love mine and I hope you will enjoy yours too!

Each keychain comes with its own jewelry box perfect for gift giving!

BUY 1 for $14.95
BUY 2nd for $10.00