Mission and Goal Statement

Our Mission

The mission of All-Things-Conflict-Resolution-and-ADR.com: is to serve as a catalyst for continuous learning and skill acquisition around the globe. That through the use of its resources and information, organizations and individuals will be able to make informed choices in accessing conflict resolution skills, training, and services to resolve, manage and stabilize the conflicts in which they are involved.

My name is Marsha A. Ostrer. I am an attorney, mediator and trainer who has been working in the field of conflict resolution for the past 25 years. I am the founder of Ostrer & Associates International (OAI) and the creator of the All-Things-Conflict-Resolution-and-ADR.com website.


I know first hand that conflict and alternative dispute resolution processes and skills offer constructive means for resolving differences between individuals, groups, organizations and countries. I know that these tools provide beneficial and practical means to resolve conflict and create productive outcomes.

For over two decades, OAI has provided services to individuals, organizations, families, and countries seeking creative solutions to the challenges and difficulties they face. I have witnessed amazing growth as individuals learn and master new skills, develop a depth of knowledge and a sense of competence in dealing with problems that had previously unnerved them or left them feeling angry or helpless. I have seen how the study and practice of conflict resolution skills can empower individuals, organizations and nations and give them confidence in their ability to find solutions for some of life's most difficult problems.

Our Goals

To promote understanding and encourage the proliferation of the use of peaceful means to resolve conflict is the primary goal of this website.

These are the other goals of All-Things-Conflict-Resolution-and-ADR.com:

  • To educate and inform its readers about the value of constructive resolution techniques and promote peace.

  • To empower users to peacefully and constructively address differences, thus facilitating the fulfillment of personal, community and institutional goals.

  • To enhance cooperation and communication between those in conflict.

  • To expand conflict resolution options and alternatives for the users of this site.

  • To foster understanding and tolerance for individual and group differences.

  • To promote the values of individual responsibility, shared community, life-long learning, tolerance of individual differences, and integrity which are all critical to resolving conflict in a multicultural world.

  • To replace adversarial or violent means of addressing conflict with peaceful, collaborative and empowering processes and techniques.

  • To serve the community both at home and abroad by educating, promoting and providing effective conflict resolution information and services.

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