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Unfortunately, science has shown that around age 30, all of our brains are going to start (or have already started!) slowing down. But there's hope! Train your or your parent's brain and fight back with daily games and exercises from Lumosity Games.. The games provided do a good job of addressing the following skills: memory, speed, cognitive control, and attention.

The Lumosity Brain Fitness Program is designed to build on recent cognitive research that suggests the brain is malleable. The research shows the brain's placity allows for new neurons to be made even late in life. For this reason, Lumosity is made for all audiences and ages.

The actual program consists of a number of different brain training games that are designed to target and improve certain cognitive thinking applications, such as spatial working memory and visual attention. In addition, a number of the games are designed to increase in difficulty as your or your parent's abilities improve in the games.

The Brain Games - Lumosity brain games website and game system have a fun and entertaining feel to them that is different than most of the other brain training companies. The others tend to have a setup that is too clinical and bogged down in too much science whereas Lumosity seems to have added fun and entertainment into their mix while adding just the right amount of science in their explanations.

Lumosity Users Have Experienced

  • Clearer And Quicker Thinking

  • Improved Memory For Names, Numbers, Directions, Etc.

  • Increased Alertness And Awareness

  • Elevated Mood

  • Better Concentration At Work Or While Driving

Brain Games - Lumosity also has an appealing offer which gives you a free 7 day trial and then, a yearly membership for under $80. Lumosity provides a huge value compared to some of its major competitors, Cognifit ($145) and Posit Science ($395). In addition, its free trial allows you to test it out to see if this is something that will work for you or your parent.Another major benefit is that Brain Games - Lumosity appears to update their website with additional games and features regularly.

Psychological effects of brain training include improved and more energy. So, if you are ready to take the plunge, this is the best choice out there. Web's Best Brain Games