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The Most Important Thing Is To
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And Not Give Up Hope!

Our only goal is to help you avoid foreclosure and find a way to remain it your home at a price you can afford. Clients turn to us because they count on our extensive dispute resolution experience, knowledge of government programs and regulations. We identify key factual, procedural, and legal roadblocks to resolution. In addition, we succeed where others often can't because of our perseverance and experience.

Though it isn't well known among homeowners, foreclosure is very costly to lenders and there is real incentive for them to come to an equitable agreement with you, the borrower. However, be aware that these federal loan modification negotiations can be complex. Plus your lender is trying to get the terms that most benefit it, not you. Clients trust us to work tirelessly in their best interest to reach an agreement that meets the clients'needs.

We know that working through the collection calls, demeaning letters and foreclosure process is difficult and painful. At the same time, we've seen time and time again that "hopeless" situations are often solved with innovative solutions. These creative solutions help lenders recognize that keeping you in your home is to everyone's advantage. We work relentlessly to get the results you want.

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