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Perhaps your loved ones, like many senior citizens, feel overwhelmed by the rapid advances in technology. The Jitterbug cell phone allows seniors to explore the convenience of modern technology, having a cell phone with them when an emergency happens or to stay in touch with the family, without having to learn the intricacies.

In addition to the dial tone, users can dial in three ways. First by manually dialing; second by saying the name they want to call so long as the name is in the Contacts list; and, third by accessing the name of the person in the Contacts list.

Jitterbug offers live 24/7 customer service based in the US for no additional fees. A user dials "0" on their Jitterbug and reach a friendly operator who will greet them by name on every call, add friends' and family names and numbers to their Phone Book, and even add appointments to the personal calendar so reminders appear right on your phone. Also pre-existing contacts can be transferred from another cell phone.

The price is reasonable. Jitterbug offers month service plans: 200 minutes for $29.99; 300 minutes for $39.99; 700 minutes for $59.99; and 1000 minutes for $79.99. All of these plans come with 500 night and weekend minutes.

There are also 2 smaller plans: 50 anytime minutes for $14.99; and 100 minutes for $19.99. These plan do not include night and weekend minutes. Users can create a family plan by sharing minutes on Jitterbug's plans. Additional lines cost $14.99/month. Users can also buy prepaid minutes if they are afraid of going over their allotment.

The Pros

  • The Jitterbug Comes Ready To Use Right Out Of The Box;

  • Convenient No-Mistake Volume Control;

  • Easy To Use Speakerphone (On/Off Button On Keypad);

  • Familiar Dial Tone When Ready To Call

  • Friendly 30-Day Return Policy;

  • Hearing-Aid Compatible--No "Feedback" Or "Squealing" Noises;

  • Large Keypad Makes Dialing Easy;

  • Nationwide Affordable Plans Start At Just $14.99 A Month;

  • No Confusing Menus. Access All Options With Simple 'YES' Or 'NO' Questions

  • No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees;

  • Powerful Speaker Delivers Clear Sound;

  • Separate On/Off Button;

  • Services That Are Easy To Set Up And Easy To Use.

The Cons

The list of features the Jitterbug doesn't include, as compared to regular cell phones, is longer than the list of what it does include, but, of course, that is the whole point. The phone is designed for ease of use by those who aren't looking for all the bells and whistles.

Jitterbug - winner of

So if you are looking for a "senior friendly" or tech phobic cell phone, here it is. here it is.