Sea Creature Designs and Jewelry in Pewter

Jeff does really wondrous work. His sea creature designs in pewter are sold all along the Atlantic coast through museums, gift shops, and aquariums.

Jeff Mitchell, Drummer Cove Design

Jeff's depiction of a starfish, horse shoe crab, sand dollar and sea horse have unbelievable detail. Don't you agree?

Horse Shoe Crab
Sand Dollar

Jeff makes all his own molds. His pewter castings are taken from actual sea creatures that have washed up on Cape Cod beaches. The castings are created in an alloy consisting of 95% tin, 4% antimony and 1% silver. This alloy yields a beautiful casting, which is polished by hand to a high sheen.

Jeff and I share the fact that we both fell in love with Chatham while on trips to the Cape but Jeff's journey took him further afield. On a trip to the Cape in the 1980's he visited a well known clam shack located on the Wellfleet Harbor. Gazing out at the view over lunch Jeff was hooked.

Jeff became a regular summer visitor. In the 1990's, he bought land in Wellfleet and not too long after that started building his own home with his own hands. At the time Jeff was a successful engineer having worked for companies like IBM, DEC and U.S. Robotics. When Jeff finished his Wellfleet home in 2001, he decided to follow his dream -- to work for himself doing something he loved. As he says he went from computers to pewter.

He became a permanent Cape resident and started doing artistic castings. His first attempts were pewter castings of clay statues he had made. He chose pewter because it is the best material to capture all the graphic details of his subjects. But he realized that in order to capture the kinds of subjects he had in mind he needed a machine that didn't exist so he created his own Spin Casting Machine.

Jeff at his workbench

He used his new creation to produce the "Royal Strike," which was a recreation of a 1653 Spanish Real that was found during the excavation of the good ship Whydah, a pirate ship that went down off the Cape Cod coast in 1717.. The "Royal Strike" was done for the Whydah Museum. I love this part of his story because my family's Chatham home was on Whydah Road. Click here to read more about the good ship Whydah, her captain Sam Bellamy and his lost love, Maria Hallett.

One of his first creations were the outer Cape Cod lighthouses key chains which included the Chatham Lighthouses key chain featured in these pages. These were quite popular with both tourists and locals. Working with local museums and merchants, Jeff perfected his craft and sought projects that would have popular appeal. Jeff's next attempt was to cast an oyster shell because as he says he lives in the "oyster capital of the world." Most of Jeff's sea creatures are made this way because spin casting is the way to produce pewter castings that are extremely accurate. However Jeff discovered that this will only work for creatures with hard shells.

Here's a secret, he makes the horse shoe crab through a method known as "gravity pour." He says his reason for doing so resulted from a lucky experiment he won't discuss. But this "lucky accident" led to the first pewter casting of the Horseshoe Crab, which was his best seller in 2005. It also led to more experimentation which yielded a process that allowed a whole series of pewter sea creatures to be developed. It wasn't long before the demand grew and Jeff launched Drummer Cove Designs in 2006 to keep up. He chose the name Drummer Cove because of the view of Drummers Cove he can see from the upstairs of his home. Wouldn't you?

Drummer Cove

Jeff's business continues to grow. By 2006 he had created eight original designs. But he was only getting started. By the end of 2007 Jeff had 30 different original designs and demand still grows! Recently he added distributors in Bermuda and Canada! You can wait for his designs to come to a distributor near you, or you can come to We have become Jeff's online distributor.

Featured on our pages are a number of Jeff Mitchell original designs. We will be adding more over time. You can also check out the Drummer Cove website and if you see something you really like let us know and we will special order it from Jeff. Jeff's sea creature designs nautical jewelry and home accents are truly distinctive, don't you agree?