Hottest Chatham Shark Stuff

Hottest Chatham Shark Stuff From the Sublime to the Silly

Hot Shark Gifts

Great For Stocking Stuffers or Party Favors

Jaw Snapping White Shark Featuring 12" Handle, Vibrant Colors And Sturdy Construction.

Provides Needed Shade
From The Sun

Eye Catching Shark Sure To Become A Child's Favorite

Inflatable Shark Good For Beach And Water Play

Gifts Below Can be Purchased at the Discovery Store, click here

Discovery Store Gifts

Discovery Store Hoodie Tee

Exclusive Children's and Adult"s Hoodie T Shirts and Sweatshirts $29.95

The custom design creates a shark mouth when wrapping your arms in front of you.
Shark Week Beach Mats

Shark Week Straw Beach Mats
Set of Two $19.95

Water and Sand Resistant,
Easily Fold Into Handy Carrying Case.

Discovery Store Shark Specials

Discovery Channel Shark Specials Marked down 28% to $49.99

Unravel The Secrets Of The Ocean's Deadliest And Most Fascinating Creature In These Hit Discovery Channel Specials

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