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Clarity + Preparation + Skill = Imaginative Real World Results

We work relentlessly with to get the results you want. We identify key factual, procedural, legal, and interpersonal roadblocks to resolution. We then work with you to create customized resolution alternatives for your case. We design productive processes and approaches that lead to innovative, lasting solutions that meet all sides' needs.


Conciliation is less formal than mediation. In conciliation, a third party neutral meets with all stakeholders to a dispute in a common session to assist them in identifying goals, interests, aspirations, and roadblocks. The purpose is to assist all parties in coming to consensus about a resolution for a particular issue or dispute.

Facilitation is a process in which a third-party neutral helps people reach agreement by consensus or other means. Facilitators do not usually involve themselves in the substantive aspects of the matter under discussion but instead focus on the process of bringing the parties together toward a decision.

Interest-Based Negotiation or Mutual Gains Negotiation involves a joint search through problem solving for an area of agreement, focusing on the parties' interests rather than their positions on the issues under discussion, with the goal of maximizing the realization of each party's interests and creating value by valuing differences.

Meeting Facilitation is a process in which neutral, third party techniques are used to assist a group in setting goals, clarifying issues and objectives, generating options and handling unanticipated areas of conflict that arise.

Negotiation Coaching and Consulting is strategic planning offered to individuals and organizations familiar with the theory and practice of mutual gains negotiation. It is available either in preparation for or during ongoing negotiations. It assists in the development of an overall strategy for handling the negotiation including: goal setting, generating options, think through potential roadblocks, and handle anticipated difficulties. It can provide continuing support of ongoing negotiations, as well as performance coaching as necessary. Coaching can be customized to client specifications.

Negotiated Rulemaking is a consensus building process originally developed to assist U.S. government agencies in devising regulations when faced by a host of competing groups with opposing interests. The process brings together representatives of the government agency with representatives of various effected interest groups or stakeholders to negotiate proposed rules or procedures. The negotiators try to reach consensus through a process of evaluating their own priorities, making tradeoffs to achieve an acceptable outcome on the issues of greatest importance to them. When consensus is achieved, the resulting outcome is easier to implement and subsequent conflict is diminished.

Retreats usually involve meeting facilitation. Consider planning a retreat in beautiful Chatham by the Sea, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We will be happy to help with all your arrangements.

Key Benefits of Our Conflict Resolution Services

  • Becoming more skillful, confident and competent at face-to-face negotiations.

  • Breaking through impasses, draws and stalemates

  • Building effective coalitions.

  • Defusing interpersonal conflict.

  • Enhancing working relationships.

  • Improving outcomes.

  • Improving preparation and sense of control.

  • Increasing effectiveness.

  • Increasing skill in organizing work environment that can better cope with conflict.

  • Saving money and time.

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