Chatham Crafts Gallery

Welcome to the Chatham Crafts Gallery! This year I have started exhibiting and selling my work at craft fairs. It has been great fun as well as a terrific bonding opportunity with my teenage son! And, it occurred to me that other Chatham Lovers, even those who haven't visited or do not visit during the summer craft fairs, would like to see and have access to the work of Chatham's crafters.

Cape Cod is home to many wonderful crafters with a wide variety of talents. I hope to be able to showcase some of their work over time so that you can see their work even if you don't visit Chatham.

Your baby will love the softness of this hooded, textured blanket, you'll love the washability and the price of this pretty afghan.

Made from a specially designed premium yarn which is soft, easy-care and comes in a selection of magnificent colors. It is machine washable.

HOODED BABY BLANKETS Size 30 X 28 (Approximate) Variety of Colors $40

Chatham Crafts Show, Chatham MA
Hooded Baby Blanket

Jeweled Banded Lapghan, Chatham, MA

Our lap robes are cozy, warm, soft, yet light weight at an excellent price. They make a beautiful gift for someone in your life.

At least 40" x 30", they are a great size, and can be wrapped around your loved one's shoulders or lay at the foot of their bed. Wash on delicate, dry low heat.

LAPGHANS/LAP ROBES Variety of Styles and Colors


Red and Blue Striped Lapghan, Chatham, MA

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